Mobile Notary Rates

Florida Notary Fee as applicable by State Law: $10.00

A Travel Fee is required and calculated separately for applicable mobile notary services. Please contact FL Mobile Notary Admin for a quote: (833) Notary-0

Disclaimer: In certain scenarios, the Law may require a refusal of notarization. Instances where this may occur can be identified below:

  • The Signer is not present for the signing
  • The document is not fully executed
  • The signer has been medically adjudicated as mentally incapacitated and has not been restored to decision-making capacity as a matter of record
  • The Notary does not personally know the Signer and the Signer is unable to produce acceptable identification
  • The Notary is a party to the underlying transaction or has a financial interest therein
  • The Notary knows or suspects that the transaction is fraudjulent, illegal, false or deceptive
  • The Signer appears to be intoxicated, sedated or disoriented
  • The Signer does not speak English and there is no-one present to translate the document into a language that the Signer comprehends
  • The Notary believes that the Signer is being coerced or does not understand the consequences of signing the document